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Tailored Plasmonic Nanostructures for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
发布日期:2022-06-01   浏览次数:

报告题目:Tailored Plasmonic Nanostructures for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

报告人:Hongwei Duana School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

线上讲座时间:202267 星期,下午14:00-15:00



报告摘要:The optical properties of plasmonic nanomaterials, originating from localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), are of tremendous potential across many disciplines spanning chemistry, materials science, photonics, and medicine. The development of plasmonic nanostructures with precisely controlled spectroscopic properties and/or multifunctional characteristics is key to their use in diverse applications. In particular, tailored LSPR of plasmonic nanostructures allows for spatially confining photons at sub-wavelength scales and controlling light-molecule interactions at specific wavelengths. Excited LSPR dissipates energy of incident light by the combination of Mie scattering and absorption-mediated thermal conversion, making plasmonic nanostructures compelling photoabsorbers and imaging agents. This talk summarizes our recent work in developing tailored plasmonic nanostructures and well-defined assemblies that were not easily accessible by traditional colloidal chemistry. We have shown that our strategies based on the use of reactive/biomimetic polymers offers new opportunities in addressing some fundamental challenges in surface enhanced spectroscopy, diagnostic microfluidic biochips, and photothermal therapy. In particular, plasmonic nanostructures with surface-enhanced optical properties allows for ultrasensitive detection and integrated diagnostic and therapeutic effects for major health challenges such as antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

报告人简介:Prof. Hongwei Duan completed his PhD study at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and received postdoctoral training at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology. He joined School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering as a Nanyang Assistant Professor in 2009 and was promoted to associate professor in 2015 and professor in 2020. He has also held a joint appointment (by courtesy) at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine since 2021. He currently serves as an associate editor of Journal of Biomedical Materials Research-A and sits in the advisory editorial board of Macromolecular Rapid Communications and Biomaterials Science. He has been the Singapore representative at the Asian Biomaterials Federation since 2021. In his interdisciplinary research based on surface and interface engineering of colloidal particles, he has made seminal contributions in surface chemistry, plasmonics, surface-enhanced spectroscopy, and colloidal assembly, which have led to the developments of in vitro diagnostics and controlled release systems for therapeutics. He has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals of his field.

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