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Professor Li Lili from National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) gave a lecture
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On the afternoon of 9th, Dec., 2021, Prof. Li Lili from NCNST was invited to Institute for Advanced Materials to participate in the "Weiqiaojia-Youth Academic Salon" and gave an academic lecture. Relevant faculties and students joined in the lecture.

The lecture was held by Prof. Liu Lei, the Dean of Institute for Advanced Materials. Prof. Li gave a report entitled “Bio-Activable Self-Assembly (BIVA) Nanomedicine”. Prof. Li introduced the controllable construction of peptide/glycopeptide-based self-assembled nanomaterials based on the bio-activatable in-situ self-assembly nanotechnology, and their applications in bacterial infections, tumor treatment and bioimaging. Polypeptide polymer materials were preferred as the self-assembled drugs due to their advantages of low immunogenicity, unique drug activity and easy functionalization. By designing specific enzyme cleavage of small molecule drugs at the lesion sites and promoting in-situ assembly, Prof. Li’s team enhanced the enrichment and retention of drug molecules in the lesion sites and improved the distribution and metabolism of the drug in body, which improved the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Through modular design of the drug delivery system by combination of experiments and molecular simulation calculations, the relationship between each module and molecular assembly was systematically studied, revealing the design and assembly rules of materials as well as achieving universal drug delivery. In this way, this research provides a theoretical basis for improving drug delivery efficiency and pharmacokinetic behavior. After the report, Prof. Li had a lively discussion with everyone and gave valuable suggestions for their research work.

 Prof. Li Lili is a researcher at NCNST. She got her Ph.D. in Beijing University of Chemical Technology and used to work as a postdoctoral in NCNST. She obtained 7 scientific research projects including sub-projects of International Cooperation Key Program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Her main research interest focuses on the application of peptide/glycopeptide self-assembled nanomaterials and nanotechnology in bacterial infection, tumor treatment and bioimaging. She has published over 40 papers in journals such as Nat. Commun., Adv. Mater. and Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. Her achievement has been reported by media and academic websites like “Materials Views China”. She was also invited to preside over the compilation of an English book of Springer about self-assembly of nanomaterials. She won the Interdisciplinary and Innovation Award from the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2017). She is now a young member of the Society of Nano-Oncology of China Anti-Cancer Association and a member of Chinese Industry Alliance for Antimicrobial Materials & Produces.

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