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Deputy Chief TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practitioner Wu Shaobo from Zhenjiang Second People’s Hospital gave a lecture
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On the afternoon of 22th, Dec., 2021, Deputy Chief TCM Practitioner Wu Shaobo majored in preventive treatment of disease was invited to Institute for Advanced Materials to participate in the "Weiqiaojia-Youth Academic Salon" and gave a lecture. Faculties and students joined in the lecture actively.

The meeting was held by Prof. Liu Lei, the Dean of Institute for Advanced Materials. Doctor Wu gave a lecture entitled “Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care and Regimen”. He gave a detailed introduction to the development of TCM and the theoretical basis of TCM treatment. After the report, Doctor Wu felt the pulse of faculties and students present and put forward suggestion about exercise and diet based on the individual’s physiques, demonstrating the preventive treatment of disease which can eliminate the disease in the bud.

 Wu Shaobo, Deputy Chief TCM Practitioner, is one of the Sixth Batch Heirs of academic experience of National TCM experts. He is a member of Preventive Treatment of Disease Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM) and a council member of the Science Popularization Branch of China Information Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CIATCM). He is also a special expert of Zhenjiang Old Association for Science and Technology and a council member of Zhenjiang Senile Disease Association. Dr Wu is good at TCM physique identification, the treatment of sub-health and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and heal care during pregnancy.

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